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Hemos creado nuestra propia banda sonora. Música instrumental principalmente y temas de bandas sonoras de películas muy conocidas, basadas en libros.

Tanto si os gusta leer con algún tema musical de fondo, para escribir o simplemente para relajarnos. La podéis encontrar aquí en Spotify o buscándola por su nombre.

Esperamos que os guste y si queréis añadir algún tema no dejéis de decírnoslo.

Novedades de enero

¡Bienvenido enero 2020!

Novedades de enero

Enero, el mes de los buenos propósitos por excelencia. Cada vez que comienza el año, nos creamos nuevos retos, nuevas metas por alcanzar, planes por cumplir. Es el momento de hacer borrón y cuenta nueva pues tenemos todo un año por delante para reescribir nuestra historia.

Pero si hay algo que estoy segura de que todos tenemos y vamos arrastrando de un año a otro y que cada vez es más grande e interminable, es la lista de lecturas pendientes.

Así que para no perder la costumbre, aquí os dejamos algunas de las publicaciones que tendrán lugar en este mes de enero.

Can You See Me? by Lynne Lee —1 eneCan you see me

Would you know if someone was watching you?

In the dark days since the sudden death of her surgeon husband, Julia’s main worry has always been Tash. Her student daughter was broken—she worshipped her father. But six months on, Julia thinks the light is returning. She is about to find out that she’s wrong.

When she saves the life of a boy who’s been hanging around her beach cottage, the questions start. All she has to go on is the butterfly tattoo on his wrist, but who is he? What was he doing there? And why was her late husband’s watch in his bag? Julia wants to believe it’s a casual theft, but an ominous arrival in the post confirms her suspicion that there is more to it than meets the eye.

As Tash remembers a string of strange incidents she had previously brushed off, Julia realises they are both being watched. Someone’s been toying with them, trying to frighten them, but why?

Determined to protect her daughter, Julia races to discover the boy’s identity. But what she doesn’t realise is that the truth is right in front of her. Will she see it before it’s too late?

I Choose You by Gayle Curtis —1 eneI choose you

When a killer chooses you, what choice do you have?

Thirty years ago, Elise and Nathaniel shared a horrific trauma that united them in grief. Now, grown up and married with a young family, they feel their worst nightmares are behind them. Until the day their daughter is abducted and murdered.

Both Elise and Nathaniel lost their mothers to a notorious killer who manipulated innocent victims into taking their own lives. Could it be that ‘the Watcher’ has returned for another round of the same sadistic game? Why now? And why are Elise and Nathaniel being targeted again?

When Elise’s family falls under suspicion, her world crashes down around her. Is there anyone she can trust, or is her whole life built on lies?

Only one thing is clear: someone left their cruel game unfinished all those years ago. This time the Watcher intends to win – once and for all.

Nameless queen by Rebecca McLaughlin —7 eneNameless Queen

Everyone expected the king’s daughter would inherit the throne. No one expected me.
It shouldn’t be possible. I’m Nameless, a class of citizens so disrespected, we don’t even get names. Dozens of us have been going missing for months and no one seems to care.
But there’s no denying the tattoo emblazoned on my arm. I am queen. In a palace where the corridors are more dangerous than the streets, though, how could I possibly rule? And what will become of the Nameless if I don’t?

The daughter’s promise by Sarah Clutton —8 eneThe Daughter's Promise

Family is everything to Willa. Adopted at birth, her loving husband and son are her safe haven, and the ones she has clung to while numbed by the pain of a recent loss. When a letter arrives, it opens a path for Willa to re-engage with life: she has inherited a house halfway across the world, in a town she’s never heard of, from a woman she doesn’t know. Her only guess is that Lillian Brooks could have been her birth mother.

Travelling to the inviting shores of Sisters Cove, Willa in entranced by the dilapidated old house she now owns, perched high on a windy cliff within the Merrivale Estate. But as she begins to look amongst the dusty photos and sealed boxes of papers left to her, it becomes clear that the truth about who Lillian really was is not at all what Willa expected.

At Merrivale, social butterfly Annabelle is intrigued by Willa’s arrival. Unable to have children herself, she feels drawn to this fragile, younger woman and is inspired to help her mend the cracks in her heart. But as a friendship grows between the two, the dark truth that connects them is exposed, and both are forced to make choices about the risks they’ll take for family, love and forgiveness.

The Other Woman by Jane Isaac —9 eneThe Other Woman

The grieving widow. The other woman. Which one is which?

When Cameron Swift is shot and killed outside his family home, DC Beth Chamberlain is appointed Family Liaison Officer. Her role is to support the family – and investigate them.

Monika, Cameron’s partner and mother of two sons, had to be prised off his lifeless body after she discovered him. She has no idea why anyone would target Cameron.

Beth can understand Monika’s confusion. To everyone in their affluent community, Monika and her family seemed just like any other. But then Beth gets a call.

Sara is on holiday with her daughters when she sees the news. She calls the police in the UK, outraged that no one has contacted her to let her know or offer support. After all, she and Cameron had been together for the last seven years.

Until Cameron died, Monika and Sara had no idea each other existed.

As the case unfolds, Beth discovers that nothing is quite as it appears and everyone, it seems, has secrets. Especially the dead…

Previously published as After He’s Gone.

The Place we call Home by Faith Hogan—9 eneThe Place We Call Home

Welcome to Ballycove, the home of Corrigan Mills…

Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Irish countryside the famed mills have created the finest wool in all of Ireland. Run by the seemingly perfect Corrigan family, but every family has its secrets, and how the mills came to be the Corrigan’s is one of them…

Miranda and her husband were never meant to own the mills, until one fateful day catapults them into a life they never thought they’d lead.

Ada has forever lived her life in her sister’s shadow. Wanting only to please her mother and take her place as the new leader of the mill, Ada might just have to take a look at what her heart really wants.

Callie has a flourishing international career as a top designer and a man who loves her dearly, she appears to have it all. When a secret is revealed and she’s unceremoniously turfed out of the design world, Callie might just get what’s she’s been yearning for. The chance to go home.

Simon has always wanted more. More money, more fame, more notoriety. The problem child. Simon has made more enemies than friends over the years, and when one of his latest schemes falls foul he’ll have to return to the people who always believe in him.

Ballycove isn’t just a town in the Irish countryside. It isn’t just the base of the famous mills. It’s a place to call home.

Best-selling author, Faith Hogan returns with a family tale of love, loss, secrets and finding yourself.

Big lies in a small town by Diane Chamberlain—9 eneBig Lies in a Small Town

North Carolina, 2018: Morgan Christopher’s life has been derailed. Taking the fall for a crime she did not commit, she finds herself serving a three-year stint in the North Carolina Women’s Correctional Centre. Her dream of a career in the arts is put on hold – until a mysterious visitor makes her an offer that will see her released immediately. Her assignment: restore an old post office mural in a sleepy southern town. Morgan knows nothing about art restoration but, desperate to leave prison, she accepts. What she finds under the layers of grime is a painting that tells the story of madness, violence and a conspiracy of small-town secrets.

North Carolina, 1940: Anna Dale, an artist from New Jersey, wins a national contest to paint a mural for the post office in Edenton, North Carolina. Alone in the world and desperate for work, she accepts. But what she doesn’t expect is to find herself immersed in a town where prejudices run deep, where people are hiding secrets behind closed doors and where the price for being different might just end in murder.

What happened to Anna Dale? Are the clues hidden in the decrepit mural? Can Morgan overcome her own demons to discover what exists beneath the layers of lies?

The map from here to there by Emery Lord —9 eneThe Map from Here to There

It’s senior year, and Paige Hancock is finally living her best life. She has a fun summer job, great friends, and a super charming boyfriend who totally gets her. But senior year also means big decisions. Feeling the weight of ‘the rest of her life’ Paige starts to panic. Everything is exactly how she always wanted it to be – how can she leave it all behind next year? In her head, she knows there is so much more to life after high school. But in her heart, is it so terrible to want everything to stay the same forever?

Emery Lord’s signature storytelling shines with lovable characters and heartfelt exploration of life’s most important questions. There will be break-ups, make-ups, a road trip, and even a wedding. Through it all, can Paige figure out what happens in the after part of happily ever after?

No. We Can’t be friends by Sophie Ranald—10 eneNo, We Can't Be Friends

He was perfect. Denim-blue eyes, a dazzling smile. And he hadn’t sent me a picture of his junk. Which is about as rare, these days, as a Dodo.

When Sloane met Myles, everything fell into place. He loved a Martini almost as much as she did, shared her passion for four-cheese pizzas, and made her laugh harder than any episode of Friends. She’d found The One at last and she could finally delete Tinder, forgetting all those waste-of-space men she’d never have to date again.

But then she finds out that Myles has a secret. A very big one.

The fairytale is over. Her heart is blown to smithereens. Drowning her sorrows in Ben & Jerry’s can only get Sloane so far before she has to decide… Can she learn to love herself more than she loved the love of her life? And what if, after everything, she’s got Myles – and his secret – all wrong?

The man she married by Alison James —13 eneThe Man She Married

How well do you know your husband?

Since Alice’s fiancé walked out on her, she never thought she’d meet ‘The One’. But all that changes when she meets Dominic. Handsome, charming and kind, Alice can’t believe her luck when he proposes a few months later and moves into her West London home.

Three years on, Alice’s catering business is thriving and she is married to a man she adores. So when she sees that little blue line, it should be the happiest moment of her life: they’re going to have a baby. But then the police knock on her door and Alice’s whole world is turned upside down… Dominic is dead.

Distraught, Alice goes to identify the body. There’s no doubt that it’s her husband. Yet when his estranged brother comes to view the coffin, he insists the man lying there is not Dominic. Alice refuses to believe it at first, but when confronted with irrefutable proof she finally has to face the truth:

The man she married is not the person he said he was. And if he lied about that, what else was he hiding from her?

Life Changes Everything by Nancy E. Turner —14 eneLight Changes Everything

It’s the summer of 1907 and the sun is scorching down on Mary Pearl in the Arizona Territory. Mary Pearl and her sister Esther take their minds off the heat by sneaking banned Jane Austen novels from Aunt Sarah Elliot’s lively bookshelf. Whispered read alouds preoccupy their nights, and reveries of getting hitched to their own Mr. Darcy à la Pride and Prejudice swirl through their day dreams.

In walks old-fashioned old-money suitor Aubrey Hanna, here to whisk seventeen year old Mary Pearl off her feet with a forbidden kiss and hasty engagement. With the promise of high society outings and a rich estate, Aubrey’s lustful courtship quickly creates petty tension among the three generations of Prine women.

As autumn approaches all too quickly, Mary Pearl’s Wheaton College acceptance counters quick marriage preparations. Days of travel by horse and by train carry her deep into a sophisticated new world of Northern girls’ schooling. Seeking friendship but finding foes, Mary Pearl not only learns how to write, read, and draw, but also how to act, dress, and be a woman.

Light Changes Everything is the story of a resilient young feminist a century ahead of her time. Full of gumption and spirit, Mary Pearl’s evocative coming of age tale is destined to be the next American classic.

Under darkening skies by Ray Kingfisher —14 eneUnder Darkening Skies

In the shadow of World War II, one young woman must make an unthinkable sacrifice for those she loves.

Norway, 1940. Nazis pour into Oslo, a shroud of dread looms over the city, and eighteen-year-old Ingrid Solberg fears the worst. Under German rule, harsh rationing and the exorbitant cost of medicine threaten the lives of many, including Ingrid’s mother. And when Ingrid meets a young SS officer, she’s forced to make a desperate choice.

Seventy years later, after the death of Ingrid in her adopted country of Canada, her son, Arnold, finds a disturbing letter in her belongings. Though mired in his own personal problems, Arnold puts his troubled life on hold and embarks on a journey to Oslo to understand his family’s history.

As Arnold confronts the past, he discovers dark secrets and the long-lasting repercussions of decisions his mother made long ago. But as disturbing as his discoveries are, he has come too far to shrink from the ugly truth now…

Dark and deepest red by Anna-Marie McLemore—14 eneDark and Deepest Red

Summer, 1518. A strange sickness sweeps through Strasbourg: women dance in the streets, some until they fall down dead. As rumors of witchcraft spread, suspicion turns toward Lavinia and her family, and Lavinia may have to do the unimaginable to save herself and everyone she loves.

Five centuries later, a pair of red shoes seal to Rosella Oliva’s feet, making her dance uncontrollably. They draw her toward a boy who knows the dancing fever’s history better than anyone: Emil, whose family was blamed for the fever five hundred years ago. But there’s more to what happened in 1518 than even Emil knows, and discovering the truth may decide whether Rosella survives the red shoes.

Echoes between us by Katie McGarry—14 eneEchoes Between Us

Veronica sees ghosts—more specifically, her mother’s ghost, thanks to the blinding migraines that consume her whole life and keep Veronica on the fringes. But the haunting afterimages make her wonder if there is something more going on….

Golden boy Sawyer is handsome and popular, a state champion swimmer, but this All-American is hiding an adrenaline addiction that could kill him. Drawn to each other after a chance meeting, can they help each other battle the demons that haunt their every step or will they push their luck too far and risk losing it
all…including their lives?

At the Publisher’s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Love her or lose her by Tessa Bailey—14 eneLove Her or Lose Her

Rosie and Dominic Vega are the perfect couple: high school sweethearts, best friends, madly in love. Well, they used to be anyway. Now Rosie’s lucky to get a caveman grunt from the ex-soldier every time she walks in the door. Dom is faithful and a great provider, but the man she fell in love with ten years ago is nowhere to be found. When her girlfriends encourage Rosie to demand more out of life and pursue her dream of opening a restaurant, she decides to demand more out of love, too. Three words: marriage boot camp. 

Never in a million years did Rosie believe her stoic, too-manly-to-emote husband would actually agree to relationship rehab with a weed-smoking hippie. Dom talking about feelings? Sitting on pillows? Communing with nature? Learning love languages? Nope. But to her surprise, he’s all in, and it forces her to admit her own role in their cracked foundation. As they complete one ridiculous—yet surprisingly helpful—assignment after another, their remodeled relationship gets stronger than ever. Except just as they’re getting back on track, Rosie discovers Dom has a secret… and it could demolish everything.

The Day that changed everything by Catherine Miller—17 eneThe Day that Changed Everything

When you lose the love of your life, how do you find yourself again?

For Tabitha, the day that changed everything started like any other.

She woke up, slid her feet into fluffy slippers, wrapped herself in a dressing gown and tiptoed out of her bedroom, leaving her husband Andy sleeping. Downstairs, she boiled the kettle and enjoyed a cup of tea as the sun rose.

Upstairs, Andy’s alarm sounded, and Tabitha took him a freshly brewed coffee, like every other morning. Except today, the incessant beeping rang out and her husband hadn’t stirred. She called his name, she nudged his shoulder. But Andy wouldn’t wake up.

Three years later Tabitha is trying her hardest to get by in the shadow of her grief. She may have lost the love of her life but she won’t give up on the family they dreamed of. Fostering troublesome teenage girls and a newborn baby is a chance to piece together her broken heart.

But being a mother isn’t easy, and neither is healing the heartache she carries around. After losing everything, could saving these three children help Tabitha save herself too?

American dirt by Jeanine Cummins—21 eneAmerican dirt

Lydia Quixano Perez lives in the Mexican city of Acapulco. She runs a bookstore. She has a son, Luca, the love of her life, and a wonderful husband who is a journalist. And while there are cracks beginning to show in Acapulco because of the drug cartels, her life is, by and large, fairly comfortable.

Even though she knows they’ll never sell, Lydia stocks some of her all-time favorite books in her store. And then one day a man enters the shop to browse and comes up to the register with four books he would like to buy–two of them her favorites. Javier is erudite. He is charming. And, unbeknownst to Lydia, he is the jefe of the newest drug cartel that has gruesomely taken over the city. When Lydia’s husband’s tell-all profile of Javier is published, none of their lives will ever be the same.

American Dirt will leave readers utterly changed. It is a page-turner; it is a literary achievement; it is filled with poignancy, drama, and humanity on every page. It is one of the most important books for our times.

Her secret past by Kerry Watts —22 eneHer Secret Past

Jean Angus pours the last of the lukewarm tea into her chipped cup, shivering as she looks outside into the dark night. Her eyes are drawn to a slow movement not far from her cosy farmhouse. She’s not expecting visitors. And as the back door opens with a bang, she doesn’t even have time to shout for help.

On a dark winter night, the bodies of Malcolm and Jean Angus lie cold and still in a pool of blood in their kitchen. Detective Jessie Blake is called in to find out what happened to the reclusive pair.

Searching the couple’s property, Jessie learns about a vicious dispute with a nearby land owner, Rachel Ferguson, and when Jessie looks into Rachel further, she doesn’t expect what comes up. Rachel isn’t the person everyone thinks she is and a previous murder conviction just made her Jessie’s prime suspect.

The small Perthshire town begins to gossip about the double murder and Jessie’s own past comes back to haunt her, when her abusive ex-husband begins to interfere in her new life. As the town starts a witch hunt against Rachel, Jessie is under pressure to find out what really happened in the farmhouse that night. Because if it isn’t Rachel, then who is the murderer living among them, waiting to kill again?

A Riviera Retreat by Jennifer Bohnet —23 eneA Riviera Retreat

Take time out to find what makes you happy…

When Retreat owner Amy offers three lucky competition winners a holiday on the Cote d’Azur, she has no idea that this act of kindness will have life changing repercussions on her own life and those who join her…

Young entrepreneur Chelsea, is still grieving the tragic loss of her mother and has just been subjected to a very public relationship breakup. She needs to get away and lick her wounds.

MP’s wife Victoria is at a crossroads in her life now that the children have left home. Much to her husbands shock, she realises she has ambitions of her own and is desperate to reconnect/find her own identity. She needs some ‘me time’.

Recently widowed Matilda, is assessing life without her beloved husband. Their dream had always been to retire to France. Can she find the courage to follow their dream on her own?

Over the course of the ten days they spend together, the four women, despite their differences, support and bond, making memories and forming friendships that will last for years.

The other people by C. J. Tudor—23 eneThe Other People

She sleeps, a pale girl in a white room . . .

Driving home one night, stuck behind a rusty old car, Gabe sees a little girl’s face appear in the rear window.

She mouths one word: ‘Daddy.’

It’s his five-year-old daughter, Izzy.

He never sees her again.

Three years later, Gabe spends his days and nights travelling up and down the motorway, searching for the car that took his daughter, refusing to give up hope, even though most people believe that Izzy is dead.

Fran and her daughter, Alice, also put in a lot of miles on the motorway. Not searching. But running. Trying to keep one step ahead of the people who want to hurt them.

Because Fran knows the truth. She knows what really happened to Gabe’s daughter. She knows who is responsible. And she knows what they will do if they ever catch up with her and Alice . . .

The Outcast Girls by Shirley Dickson —24 eneThe Outcast Girls

England, 1937: After a devastating childhood at Blakely Hall Orphanage, fifteen-year-old Sandra is released. She finds work as a housemaid, finally able to put her past behind her. But the start of World War Two throws the country into turmoil, and her brother Alf is sent away to fight, leaving her completely alone.

Germany, 1939: Eleven-year-old Frieda is about to board a ship bound for England with her brother, Kurt. Life at home is perilous, with synagogues set alight and innocent lives lost to the Nazis. They have no choice but to flee, with only their identity cards and a small suitcase. But at the last moment, as Frieda stands on the deck crammed with frightened children, she spots her brother jumping off, back to land.

England, 1943: Joining the Land Army, Sandra is sent to a farm in the remote countryside where she meets evacuee Frieda. The girls are grappling with their own tragedies – Sandra fretting over whether Alf, flying a bomber in the heavens, will see tomorrow, and Frieda distraught that Kurt abandoned her, uncertain whether he is alive.

Sandra and Frieda form a friendship that sees them through the darkest of days, but in times of war heartbreak is always just around the corner. Will the girls ever be reunited with their loved ones? And will the relationships they have fostered amidst the terror of war survive?

The family secret by Sheryl Browne—29 eneThe Family Secret

‘You don’t know me, but I’m your sister.’

Claire is shocked when she receives a message out of the blue from Sophie, a beautiful young woman who tells Claire that she’s their father’s secret child. Having spent years nursing her sweet little daughter Ella through a life-threatening illness whilst dealing with the emotional fall-out of a devastating marriage breakdown, Claire feels tentatively excited to meet Sophie. Perhaps she might finally have someone in the family to lean on…

As Claire welcomes her sister into her life, she’s delighted to see just how much Ella loves her new Aunt Sophie. But as the pair spend more time together, Claire begins to wonder where exactly her perfect new sister came from and what kind of person she really is. With their elderly father’s mind rapidly deteriorating, is it possible that he’s hiding something from Claire about Sophie’s sudden appearance in their lives?

When Sophie suggests a family day at the seaside, little Ella is beyond excited. But as Claire takes an important phone call from her demanding ex-husband, leaving Sophie in charge of Ella, something unthinkable happens. And as Claire rushes into the ice-cold sea towards the small, limp figure of her daughter, she realises that Sophie was watching the whole time. But why would Sophie want to hurt Claire’s precious daughter? Was trusting her new sister with Ella the biggest mistake of Claire’s life?

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

¡Bienvenido el 2020!

Feliz año nuevo

Año nuevo, nuevos propósitos y muchos días por delante para conseguir nuestras metas y realizar nuestros sueños o al menos intentarlo.

¡Que seáis felices y os acompañen siempre muy buenas lecturas!

Navidad en casa serie

Una serie que enamora

Home for christmas

Título original: Hjem til Jul

Miniserie noruega que cuenta con una temporada de 6 capítulos de 30 min. de duración aproximada cada uno.

Creada por Per-Olav Sørensen y protagonizada por Ida Elise Broch


Cuando le miente a su entrometida familia diciéndole que tiene un novio, Johannes se propone encontrar a uno de verdad para poder llevarlo a casa por Navidad.


Johannes es una enfermera de 30 años, soltera, divertida, muy alegre y responsable en su trabajo. Es de esas personas bondadosas, que se preocupan por los demás y se entregan de forma desinteresada. Irradia alegría y energía positiva, hace que con su sola presencia todo adquiera otra dimensión a su alrededor.

Y aunque reconoce que le gustaría compartir su vida con alguien, es feliz tal como está ahora. Su soltería no es algo que le obsesione. Por el contrario, su entorno y su familia no piensan igual y no dejan de agobiarla con el tema. Tanta es la presión que sufre, que decide inventarse una relación que no tiene.

Así que ahora cuenta con 24 días para encontrar novio y poder traerlo a la cena de Navidad con su familia. Con la ayuda de su mejor amiga se crea un perfil en una aplicación online para encontrar pareja y ahí comienzan sus problemas o alegrías, todo depende de cómo se mire

Me ha gustado todo en esta serie. Desde la banda sonora o la ambientación de los lugares y el pueblo. En pocos capítulos hay espacio para la risa, la emoción y sobre todo para verlo todo desde diferentes perspectivas. Creo que es una historia muy completa que trata diversos temas aunque de forma breve. Pero se siente real como la vida misma aunque a veces pueda parecer un disparate.

La protagonista está muy en su papel, lo mismo nos provoca risa que alguna que otra lagrimita, pero no deja indiferente. Además, nos recuerda cosas muy importantes que no debemos de perder de vista en la vida.

Es una serie que nos habla no solo del amor o la soledad, sino también de la familia y de los diferentes tipos de relaciones que existen hoy en día. Que las personas somos mucho más complejas de lo que parecemos a simple vista y que para ser felices, debemos saber adaptarnos en cada momento a cada circunstancia que nos plantee la vida.

Tenéis la banda sonora en Spotify por si queréis escucharla.

Home for Christmas Soundtrack





Top 10 de 2019

Reseñas más visitadas en 2019

Top 10 2019

Durante el 2019 hemos tenido muchas y variadas lecturas para casi todo tipo de público.

A continuación os dejamos el Top 10 de reseñas más visitadas en el blog.

Ten Days In A Mad-House by Nellie BlyTen Days in A Mad-House

I See You by Mary BurtonI See You

Nowhere girls by Teuta MetraNowhere Girls mujeres

The silent patient by Alex MichaelidesThe Silent Patient

The Light in the Hallway by Amanda ProwseThe Light in the Hallway

Moonlight Kisses at Willow Tree Hall by Alison SherlockMoonlight Kisses

The Missing Sister by Dinah JefferiesThe Missing Sister

Portrait of an Artist: Frida Kahlo by Lucy BrownridgePortrait of an Artist Frida Kahlo

And then there were none by Agatha ChristieAnd Then There Were None

The Yellow Suitcase by Meera SriramThe Yellow Suitcase

El ascenso

¿Hasta donde estarías dispuesto a llegar?

El ascenso película

Título original: L’ Ascension

Película francesa de 1h 45 min. de duración.

Dirigida por Ludovic Bernard y protagonizada por Ahmed Sylla, Alice Belaïdi y Kevin Razy


Un joven parisino de origen senegalés decide escalar el Everest para impresionar a la chica de la que está enamorado. En el proceso se convertirá en un fenómeno mediático.


Samy es un joven francés de familia humilde. Vive, juntos a sus padres y hermanos en un barrio obrero donde la desilusión y la desesperanza llegaron un día para no irse jamás.

Pero Samy es un soñador y un enamorado de la vida. Además, está en ese edad en la que cree que puede conseguir todo lo que se proponga y quiere más, mucho más de la vida. Quiere destacar y por buenas razones. No piensa rendirse al desánimo general de su barrio y de sus amigos.

Lleva años sintiendo algo especial por Nadia, y cuando al fin se decide y se lo confiesa, a esta no se le ocurre otra cosa que tomárselo a broma y soltar una frase hecha, de las que decimos cada día sin apenas darnos cuenta, pero que en Samy tiene el efecto contrario.

Ya sea por orgullo o por cabezonería, de repente se ve camino del Everest, para escalarlo y demostrarle de esta forma a Nadia que va en serio con ella.

El ascenso película escena

Y así poco a poco Samy se ve envuelto en una historia que le queda muy grande y que con cada metro que consigue avanzar le demuestra lo equivocado que estaba al emprender este viaje por culpa de su falta de amor propio y seguridad en sí mismo. Pero ya no puede echarse atrás, toca sacar fuerza de donde no hay y demostrarles a todos y a sí mismo, que él si puede.

Esta película no está basada en hechos reales, aunque si se inspira un poco en la historia de Nadir Dendoune, que fue el primer franco-argelino en coronar la cima más alta del mundo sin apenas tener preparación.

Los personajes todos me han gustado, desde los protagonistas hasta los secundarios. La madre es la típica madre insoportable y controladora que mide cada paso dado por su hijo hasta el milímetro.

La película está rodada principalmente en el Mont Blanc aunque algunas de las escenas más peligrosas se rodaron en el Campamento II del Everest. Apta para toda la familia, divertida, con mucha acción y algún que otro momento duro y emotivo.  También nos invita a reflexionar sobre la situación actual de desempleo sobre todo entre los jóvenes, o también en el turismo de escalada a cumbres como el Everest, que cada vez se promueve más sin tener en cuenta la preparación física o las más mínimas medidas de seguridad.

Tráiler V.O. Subt inglés

Paper wife by Laila Ibrahim

Una historia de detalles y emociones

Paper Wife


Southern China, 1923. Desperate to secure her future, Mei Ling’s parents arrange a marriage to a widower in California. To enter the country, she must pretend to be her husband’s first wife—a paper wife.

On the perilous voyage, Mei Ling takes an orphan girl named Siew under her wing. Dreams of a better life in America give Mei Ling the strength to endure the treacherous journey and detainment on Angel Island. But when she finally reaches San Francisco, she’s met with a surprise. Her husband, Chinn Kai Li, is a houseboy, not the successful merchant he led her to believe.

Mei Ling is penniless, pregnant, and bound to a man she doesn’t know. Her fragile marriage is tested further when she discovers that Siew will likely be forced into prostitution. Desperate to rescue Siew, she must convince her husband that an orphan’s life is worth fighting for. Can Mei Ling find a way to make a real family—even if it’s built on a paper foundation?


”It will seem impossible to take the first step. But on the second step, since you already did one, you know you can take another. Then another and another. Before long you will have walked into your new life”.

La novela se inicia en China, en el año 1923. Mei Ling tiene 18 años y su familia se encuentra en una mala posición económica, después de un largo período de guerra que les ha llevado a perder buena parte de su patrimonio. En esta situación, sus padres acuerdan casar a una de sus hijas con un mercader chino que vive en California.

De este modo, Mei Ling se verá obligada a desposarse con un hombre, Kai Li, que no conoce, y que se ha quedado viudo justo cuando estaba en China para llevarse a América a su esposa y a su hijo, Bo. Mei Ling tendrá que suplantar a la fallecida, dado que su marido tenía preparados los papeles con su identidad. No hay posibilidad de exponer la verdad porque la legislación americana se ha vuelto muy estricta respecto a la inmigración.

Kai Li tiene 21 años y lleva 6 trabajando en California. El regreso a esta ciudad lo tiene organizado en tan pobres condiciones, que Mei Ling sospechará de la verdadera condición económica de su marido. Para ella, lo mejor de la travesía en barco que afrontan será conocer a una niña, Siew, que a sus 6 años es huérfana y viaja con su tío, así como a June, que ha estado visitando a su familia en China y tiene dos hijos pequeños en California.

Al llegar a San Francisco, Kai Li será separado de su familia, pues esta tendrá que pasar un duro proceso de evaluación. Cuando, al fin, se reúnan, el matrimonio se irá conociendo y se desvelarán mutuamente las falsedades que cada una de las partes ha ido ocultando. Al mismo tiempo, se irá creando una unión especial entre marido y mujer y se apoyarán en el objetivo que ella se marca respecto a Siew: descubrir qué suerte ha corrido, con la preocupación de que haya podido caer en manos de la mafia china.

Es una novela llena de detalles y de emociones. Los personajes atraviesan muchas dificultades, pero estas no hacen que se desvíen de sus metas. Es maravillosa Mei Ling: compasiva, empática, resilente, respetuosa, incondicional. Sorprende su empeño por encontrar a Siew. Y ¡menos mal que lo hace! Asimismo, me ha gustado mucho Kai Li, tenía dudas sobre cómo sería y cómo se comportaría con su nueva esposa, pero no me ha decepcionado.

A lo largo del libro se cuentan muchas de las costumbres y creencias chinas: evitan el contacto visual, utilizan la reverencia, las mujeres se vendan los pies para evitar que crezcan, etc. Destacaría, en este ámbito, la importancia del horóscopo chino, que está formado por doce animales. A cada año se le asigna uno de estos animales. De esta forma, dependiendo del año en el que se nace, la persona se identifica con un animal y este determinará su carácter, su suerte, sus desgracias, etc. La protagonista del libro es dragón, que es de los animales más deseados por la población china.

En definitiva, es una novela maravillosa, llena de sentimientos y que está muy bien escrita. He disfrutado muchísimo con su lectura.


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My Singing Nana by Pat Mora

Una historia infantil entrañable

My Singing Nana


Always amigos!” My Singing Nana is a compassionate tribute to families dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease. This story celebrates the ideals of family, heritage, and happy memories, showing kids that no matter how their loved one might change they always have ways to maintain their special connection.


La abuela de Billy está preparando las empanadas preferidas de su papá y como no podía ser de otra forma, Billy se brinda para ayudarla porque así puede estar con ella, verla cantar y sonreír mientras cocina.

Billy también tiene que ultimar los detalles para el espectáculo que presentará al día siguiente junto con su abuela y hermanos,  como es lo habitual desde que era pequeño. Será un día especial en el que se reunirán toda la familia y amigos. 

A última hora un imprevisto deja a Billy triste y preocupado. Pero también se da cuenta de que algo ha cambiado en la abuela y teme no poder seguir haciendo con ella todas las cosas que hacen habitualmente.

Una sorpresa muy grata

Cuando comencé a leer este libro no sabía muy bien qué esperar aunque sí que sabía el tema que trata. Es un libro precioso, en el que están muy bien recreados los ambientes del hogar, con colores fuertes y llamativos que desprenden mucha energía e invitan a la lectura.

Pero lo que más me sorprendió fue ver la sencillez y delicadeza con la que está tratado el tema a la vez que de forma directa, sin enmascarar u ocultar nada. 

Si como adultos nos resulta complicado tratar con personas que padecen Alzheimer o enfermedades mentales similares, me imagino cómo será vivirlo desde la perspectiva de un niño y la situación no solo me resulta complicada, sino también dolorosa.

No saber el por qué de estas enfermedades o cómo lidiar con ellas al principio puede resultar frustrante. En este libro infantil tan singular, la autora nos muestra que debemos adaptarnos a la nueva circunstancia y sobrellevarlo de la mejor forma posible.

Pero sobre todo este libro nos habla del amor, de la paciencia y del saber estar en cada momento con quienes nos necesitan. Un libro infantil imprescindible. 


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La leyenda de Klaus

Preciosa película de animación

La leyenda de Klaus

Película de animación española de 97 minutos de duración. Disponible también en inglés.

Dirigida por Sergio Pablos, producida por Atresmedia Cine y distribuida por Netflix. 


Jesper es el peor estudiante de la academia postal. Su padre y jefe del servicio postal, ya no sabe qué hacer con él para que aprenda y se lo tome con seriedad. Así que le destina a Smeerensburg, una isla ubicada en el Círculo Polar Ártico, donde deberá abrir y hacer funcionar una oficina de correos. Pero en este pueblo sus habitantes apenas hablan entre si, llevan toda la vida con un conflicto que les mantiene en guerra constante, con lo cual ni se plantean enviar cartas. También es allí donde Jesper descubre el sitio en donde está escondido Papá Noel. 


Jesper es el niño rico y mimado de papá. Con el objetivo de que aprenda el oficio, su padre le ha destinado a los distintos departamentos de Correos pero en todas y cada una de las secciones en donde ha estado, Jesper ha sido un completo desastre. No solo no aprende, sino que no muestra el más mínimo interés por el oficio. Se lo ha tomado como un trámite más que le ha impuesto su padre, que debe superar cuanto antes para continuar con su vida de lujos, sin trabajo ni preocupaciones. 

Ya cansado de la falta de interés de su hijo por el negocio familiar, ha decidido darle la última oportunidad a Jesper de demostrar si es capaz de hacer algo por ganarse el pan. Le ha dado un plazo para abrir y hacer funcionar una oficina de correos en Smeerensburg. Si pasado este plazo, no lo consigue, se le acabaron los privilegios y tendrá que vivir por sus propios medios o en la calle. 

Smeerensburg no es ni de lejos lo que esperaba Jesper. Este pensaba que allí dispondría de todas las comodidades a las que estaba habituado. Por si fuera poco, no es bien recibido. Además, pronto se da cuenta que en este pueblo pasa algo. Sus habitantes se comportan de forma muy rara y a la mínima oportunidad intentan matarse los unos a los otros.


Desde el principio el personaje de Jesper me provocó rechazo a la vez que risa. Es el típico niñito de papá, que no mueve un dedo y piensa que el mundo entero debe postrarse a sus pies y cumplir sus deseos sean estos los que sean. Pero a medida que transcurre la película sufre una gran transformación.

Con el objetivo de tener éxito en su misión y regresar lo antes posible a las comodidades de su casa, se ingenia un plan para que los habitantes del pueblo que apenas intercambian una sola palabra entre si, comiencen a enviar cartas. Y algo que parecía imposible, comienza a tomar forma y se materializa en la primera tregua que tiene el pueblo en muchos años.

La leyenda de Klaus es una delicia de película, que recuerda mucho a los clásicos infantiles. Las imágenes van desde las típicas estampas bucólicas de Navidad, hasta las escenas oscuras y tétricas que te dejan en tensión por breves momentos o las que provocan risa floja aunque no sea una comedia ni destaque precisamente por el sentido del humor.

Gustará tanto a niños como a adultos, porque es una historia que nos devuelve la ilusión y la esperanza además del espíritu navideño. Las imágenes son preciosas, la ambientación del pueblo y la música que es espectacular y movidita, cierra con este tema tan bonito de Zara Larsson, hacen que verla sea una experiencia muy gratificante.